Can’t see Windows Home Server from Client PC

Interesting issues today, reconfiguring some new machines on my network.  Encountered a situation where the client PC could see all other machines on the network through network neighborhood, and could see the UPnP services being offered by the WHS but couldn’t browse the fileserver.  UNC from command line worked fine, as did the shortcut installed by the connector software.  In applications where you can’t specify the name however (like iTunes “Add Folder” dialog) the server simply didn’t show up.

The solution was simple, though not easily explained.  I disabled IPv6 on the wireless connection used to connect to my network.  Perhaps, as WHS is based on Server2003, the interaction of IPV6 is preventing the fileserver from showing up, or perhaps IPV6 is disabled but dedtected by the client machine on that interface.  These are just guesses, but disabling IPV6 on the client corrected the issue immediately.